About us

We are a team who dedicated for devloping solution which benifit last poor person in society. It is more helpful you to know about product VRG BUSINESS ID Services than About US.
We are may be the first, who plans to give unique business ID world wide. After getting your business ID, you need not to send information to your customer OR Vendor, eg. company profile, address, vat, tin, Tan, pan, GST number by mail. Just share your Alfa-Numeric business ID by sms or on phone. Your Vendor company will get all your company profile information on VRG Infotech web site. This information is password protected. Only authorized person can change this after login their account.

Know your VRG Business ID --
Let your VRG Business ID is - 91VRG411018AA1234
This ID has Four parts, Pl see again {91 - VRG - 411018 - AA1234 }
91 -------- It is your country code (India).; VRG ----- It is Your ID provider Name.
411018 - It is your Postal Pin code (Maharashtra-Pune-Pimpri).
AA1234 - It is your register Listing Number in that Pincode.
Thus, Your VRG Business ID will Identify Your Geographic business location.

Also, We plans to reduce gap between -- Business & human Resources in such a way that every business able to find their valuable man power in their near by area. Also, they can able to find their specified search for worker / engineers / officers.

It will be as below,

Any one, who are in search of new job -- Get own business ID---- Update your profile in short. Update your business name (your Faculty with Domain) eg Software Engg (Developer - Java). Now any one in world can see your business profile just entering your ID in VRG Infotech web site.
VRG Infotech plans to offer Business ID to all who wants their professional specification to be share with company directly.. Any one can create their profestional business ID

We know, what happens when a company or a person asks you to send PO to process your orders. Many of business organisation have this problems. The same problem comes when you have send profarma invoice to your customer. Further if there is no any system of PO & Invoice records then it difficult tasks for accountant to manage account. There is no any soft data for it. To track expenses & order history. All this problem, we plans to reduce step by step to make business more time efficient. We plans to give a solution, in such a way that any one can send -- Po, Quote / profarma Invoice & Final Invoice with dispatch schedule.

This will change modern business society. This will reduce lot of non-productive time of business and improve more chance to run business profitably. This will reduce unemployment in society. If people get employment or money then no one stop their child education, they able to give good medical treatment at required time. My dream to give Business ID services to a person in society, who's self employed business run, their family.

Let us pray for world peace

Thanking You
VRG Infotech