Refund and cancellation


We have provided ‚Account Delete‘(cancelation) option to our register customer to discontinue VRG Infotech service. OR customer can send mail request to cancel / delete account. After verification customer account will be Delete (cancelation) from system. The Deleted (cancel) account will not be visible on VRG Infotech web site. Customer will not get refund for cancel / delete account.


Customer will get first 90 days VRG ID service free to understand & check VRG ID service use for them. It is on customer to continue VRG ID service by paying VRG ID yearly maintenance Fee as per current charges updated on web site. Thus, it is mandatory to User & Service provider to understand that VRG Infotech will not refund VRG Business ID yearly maintenance fee in any case once paid. As per agreed Terms & condition by customer, The VRG ID maintenance Fee will not be refund to customer for an any kind of financial loss by using VRG ID. The VRG ID maintenance Fee will not be refund for The VRG ID terminated by VRG Infotech. VRG ID maintanance Fee will not be refund to customer, for a period of discountinue VRG ID service due any technical / maintanance problem with VRG Infotech web site. VRG Infotech ID fee will not adjusted or transfer to any other VRG ID, after paid for any specific VRG ID.